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State Funded ACT Test Date:

The Ohio Department of Education will require districts and community schools to administer a state-funded college and career readiness test to juniors in spring 2017 as one of their three diploma options. Each district and community school will choose to either administer the state-funded ACT or SAT college and career readiness test. State law is clear that both tests meet Ohio’s graduation requirements to earn a high school diploma. The test selection is not a state decision, it is the district’s decision. Either exam is available as a paper and/or online test. The test vendor selected will provide a range of services and resources to district administrators, teachers and students.

Campbell Memorial High School has chosen the ACT as their state-funded college and career readiness test.  All 11th grade students will take the ACT on March 21st at Memorial High School.  This test will be FREE of charge and all 11th graders will be required to take the test.



All 10th grade students will take the Pre-ACT on TBD from 8:00-10:30AM at Memorial High School.  
This assessment is FREE of charge!


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